Lose weight fast

Lose weight fast

Do you want to lose weight fast? With Raw Pasta you can! This pasta is ideal for losing weight quickly. This Raw Pasta causes great saturation and is very low in calories. It allows you to lose weight quickly and you’ll get a nice slim.

Lose weight with pasta?

Raw Pasta, rice and noodles are unique and consist of dietary fibre extracted from the Konjac plant. This fibre has been known for years as a nutrient with promoting properties. Because the pasta completely consists of fibres, it gives a feeling of satisfaction. For example, the appetite and therefore food intake is reduced and the weight loss will take place during a faster process.

Pasta with low calories

Raw Pasta contains 95% fewer calories than regular pasta. Raw Pasta in fact contains only 6 calories per 100 grams. Through a combination of low calories and a satisfying feeling, losing weight is easy and fast.

Raw Pasta 100% natural

Raw Pasta is an entirely natural product and gets its colour from the extract of yellow flowers. There are several Konjac pastas on the market, but the Raw Pasta is the only of its kind that is completely natural and contains no gluten, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.